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[Open Journal]Beating Lyme

Lyme Update 11/25/18


Snapshot of my current progress, and what’s next.

[Open Journal]Personal Development

Here I Lie, In the Depths of Despair


I’m hurting internally and choosing to process some raw emotion through my writing.

[Open Journal]Career DevelopmentPersonal Development

I Believe & Affirm These Things About Myself


Sincere personal affirmation reinforces belief in oneself. Belief in oneself makes one far more likely to succeed at achieving desired goals. These are the things I sincerely believe and affirm about myself.

[Open Journal]ChristianityPersonal Development

The Purpose Driven Life, Day 2


Preface: Okay, I fucked up. In my arrogance and shortsightedness, I made a commitment several weeks ago to read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, …

[Open Journal]Masculinity & Heroism

The Intense Longing of the Lover Within Me


Raw emotions, put into writing. Musings about the woman I’m attracting into my life.

[Open Journal][Reading Notes]ChristianityPersonal Development

The Purpose Driven Life, Day 1


I have a friend named Sam. Sam and I talk – a lot. We talk about everything, and I mean everything. We talk about our futures. …

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My Thought Process in Recommitting to Intermittent Fasting


So recently I’ve been having some pretty gnarly and intense health issues. As in, for the past five months straight. What concerns me the most about …

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Testosterone and “God Mode”


  Around 36 hours ago, I reapplied exogenous testosterone for the first time in 2 years. I was very conflicted before doing so (read my last …

[Open Journal]Beating LymeBiohacking & Peak PerformanceMasculinity & Heroism

My Decision to Go Back On Testosterone (for now)


I’m a bit conflicted today. I feel as if I’m about to do something that goes against my convictions, and I want to write out my …

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Moving My Blog


I moved my blog. I don’t have it on my official “business” website anymore. I want people to take my career seriously, and I don’t really …

[Open Journal]

Why Play Small?


I post the images to my instagram story. “Where are you?” I ask. I wonder it all the time. Here’s a better question, though: Where am …

[Featured][Open Journal]Personal Development

Dreams and Desires of the Heart


I’m going to begin this post as vulnerably and truthfully as possible by being very straightforward with you. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with depression. Often. …

[Featured][Open Journal]Career DevelopmentSocial Media Theory

My Month-Long Blogging Challenge Is Over. Here’s What Happened And Here’s What’s Next.


So, I’ve reached the end of my 30 day blogging challenge through Praxis. It’s a brilliant challenge, and the core of the Praxis curriculum in month 2 …

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Falling For a Girl From Another Country, & What It Taught Me About My Goals


In the Spring of 2014, I fell for her. She was a foreign exchange student at my school, Santa Barbara City College. She was brilliant, confident, mysterious, …

[Featured][Open Journal]Masculinity & Heroism

Lessons in Bravery, Conquering, & Growth From My Dad


  My father always pushed me in sports growing up. It wasn’t because he was a dad that needed to live vicariously and find validation through …