Crosshelmet X1 AR HUD Motorcycle Helmet [TacticaList]

Startup CrossHelmet’s X1 HUD is a motorcycle helmet with a built-in Augmented Reality HUD display and rearview camera, as well as a companion smartphone app, voice commands, GroupTalk, and more.



Buy – $1,649

The filter-down effect of tech in the motorcycle world has introduced fly-by-wire throttles, traction control, anti-wheelie systems, and ABS to bikes. But some of the most promising developments are in the most important piece of motorcycling gear — the helmet. Startup CrossHelmet’s X1 HUD is one of the most promising designs so far, with a built-in HUD display and rearview camera, along with a striking Stormtrooper-esque look. With the companion smartphone app, you get voice commands, CrossSound control for dampening environmental sounds, and GroupTalk for communication with other riders.

Motorcycles have evolved faster than helmets have. Our mission with the CrossHelmet X1 is to bring state of the art technology to a safety staple that has remained stagnant for years. Our first objective is to increase rider safety. We achieve that by increasing visibility, reducing noise distractions, and allowing connectivity. Our product combines integrated head-up display with 360° range of vision, sound management, and Bluetooth features. to say it simply, It is the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made.


Blindspots are completely eliminated with the CrossHelmet groundbreaking AR technology. A built-in wide lense rear-view camera projects onto the CrossHelmet head-up display.

The HUD display is made to feel just like a car rear-view mirror, so the rider can effortlessly see a wide angle behind him, in a fraction of a second and with minimum head movements. Your riding experience will be safer and smoother than ever before.


A revolutionary feature in the motorcycle industry, CrossSound Control is designed to both enhance and reduce environmental sounds depending on the rider’s needs. Using the CrossSound equalizer on the CrossHelmet App riders can safely damp road, engine and wind noises to help reduce rider fatigue and prevent hearing damage.


CrossHelmets can seamlessly connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Use voice commands to tap into Siri or OK Google. Make phone calls, play music, and set navigation destination without ever touching your smartphone and without stopping your ride.

CrossHelmet mobile app enables you to crate group talks when you are traveling with others, and communicate with multiple riders at once. Enable or disable the groups as you need, in order to communicate with your travel companions and friends on the road.


Safety LEDs mounted on both sides of the helmet increase visibility while riding at night. Using state-of-the-art battery technology, our Lithium-Ceramic Battery (LCB) is completely risk free. It is 100% resistant to leakage, smoke, fire, or explosions after physical impact, puncture or thermal damage.

Carry out essential smartphone and HUD functions through the helmet’s discreet touch panel for safe and intuitive usage: volume, skip track, pause music, etc.

We’ve collaborated with our manufacturing partner, with experience, resources, and advanced facilities, in order to ensure the CrossHelmet meets the safety standards required in each country that we ship to. In order to improve the structural strength of the CrossHelmet, our team has also incorporated variable thickness and advanced architecture in our shell, techniques that are currently used in the automotive racing industry.

The CrossHelmet X1 unique HUD app is designed to display step by step navigation commands, given directly from the Crosshelmet App navigation function. The Hud will also display the helmet’s battery percentage, weather info and ETA.

Use the dedicated CrosHelmet smartphone app, available on iOS and Android, to effortlessly access functions such as group talks, CrossSound control and Navigation.

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