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$299 – Portable EEG device designed for self-quantification, brain-computer interface, and field research.




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Buy – $299

Designed for self-quantification, brain-computer interface, and field research, EMOTIV INSIGHT 5-channel mobile EEG boasts advanced electronics that are fully optimized to produce clean, robust signals anytime, anywhere. Leveraging years of science-backed research and experience to create the next generation brainwear®, the INSIGHT features an elegant, lightweight and user-friendly design.

What is the Emotiv Insight?

Emotiv Insight is a sleek, 5 channel, wireless headset that reads your brainwaves and a mobile app that translates those signals into meaningful data everyone can understand.

Emotiv Insight Mobile App (Android/iOS)
Emotiv Insight Mobile App (Android/iOS)
Emotiv Insight Mobile App (Android/iOS)
Emotiv Insight Mobile App (Android/iOS)

We’ve leveraged our knowledge and experience to create the next generation Brainwear™ that tracks and monitors your brain activity and gives you insight into how your brain is changing in real time. Emotiv Insight allows you to optimize your brain fitness & performance, measure and monitor your own or your family’s cognitive health & wellbeing, and develop amazing new applications.

The Emotiv Insight offers an inexpensive, uncomplicated way to regularly measure brain performance and is completely safe for children, adults of all ages, and those with medical conditions.

Based on community feedback, we recently added the Emotiv Insight in a new Stealth color option and additional reward tiers to give Kickstarter backers the chance to get your hands on these first, before general release. A huge thanks to our incredible design team, 4Design, for the outstanding job in creating these photorealistic renders of what this Stealth version might look like, and for working around the clock to make this possible. What color will you choose?

Here’s how it works

Our brains are made up of a hundred billion nerve cells called neurons. When neurons interact through a chemical reaction, they naturally emit a measurable, electrical impulse. Electroencephalography or EEG is the process of observing brainwaves through these pulses. 

Emotiv Insight measures your brainwaves and translates it into meaningful data to help you make the most of your cognitive performance. The Brainwear can measure, track and help you improve your Attention, Focus, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, Affinity, Relaxation and reduce Stress levels. 

With the free mobile app (Android/iOS) available with the Emotiv Insight, you’ll get a much better idea of your daily productivity profile. When you’re paying attention, the time of day and how long you can pay attention for, your interest levels, your bursts of focus. How well you can relax, your stress levels.

Research has shown that when you are made aware of all of these indicators, people are better informed and empowered to make decisions to optimize and improve their cognitive fitness and performance.

In addition, the brainwear can understand and decipher basic mental commands. It can detect commands such as push, pull, levitate, rotate and even commands that are harder to visualize such as disappear. It also detects facial expressions such as blinks, winks, frown, surprise, clench and smile.

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