Muse 2 EEG Neurofeedback Meditation Headband [TacticaList]

The Muse 2 comes packed with advanced features and brain sensing technology that takes into account not just your mental activity, but your heart, body and breathing as well.




Buy – $249

You’ll discover your mind-body connection through powerful, accurate real-time feedback on brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements. This feedback will help guide your total meditation experience, giving you a holistic view of your practice and how to go deeper.

  • Meditation Made Easy: Stop guessing if you’re doing it right – use real-time feedback to guide you and keep you motivated
  • Track & Measure Progress: Review your data after each session to set goals and build a rewarding meditation practice
  • Muse Meditation App: You’ll love the responsive and intuitive design of the completely redesigned app, with improved results screens, user dashboard, and educational content
  • Four Rich Feedback Centers: Muse 2 features real-time feedback on focused attention (Mind), physical relaxation (Body), relaxation response (Heart) and breath based cardiac control (Breath)
  • More Sensors For More Experiences: Original Musers will get to experience the app improvements and have access to movement feedback, while the Muse 2 Musers will unlock all 4 feedback options

Four Real-Time Feedback Sensors (Mind, Heart, Breath & Body)

Mind: Find Calm & Stay Focused Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find calm and stay focused.Busy Mind = Stormy Weather.Calm Mind = Peaceful Weather.Heart: Learn Your Rhythm, Find Your CalmDuring your meditation you’ll be entered into an immersive soundscape where you’ll hear your heartbeat played back to you in real-time in the sound of a rhythmic, soothing drum.Your awareness and ability to synchronize your heartbeat can help you find stillness and calm.Breath: Riding Breath to a Deeper PracticeThrough a responsive sound environment you’ll learn to pace your breath with guiding tones similar to ambient music.As you follow the guiding sounds and match the breathing pattern, your body and heart beat will synchronize, and you’ll be rewarded with harmonized musical tones to affirm your progress and keep you on track.Body: Building the Foundation of StillnessAs you sit in your favorite position, you’ll be guided with sound of gentle wind chimes as you adjust into a balanced position. Imagine sitting in the middle of giant a wind-chime and you are the pendulum in the center, swaying in the wind.As you adjust your posture or sway, the chimes will bring your attention to your movement shifts, building your awareness of your posture and movements.

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